Simple Ingredients 🍫 Delicious AF 😋 Join Us On Discord 💬
Simple Ingredients 🍫 Delicious AF 😋 Join Us On Discord 💬
Simple Ingredients 🍫 Delicious AF 😋 Join Us On Discord 💬
and Delicious!!

4 Base Ingredients

Gluten Free

Organic Cocoa



  • 10 x Original Chocolate
  • 10 x Almond Chocolate
  • 10 x Quinoa Crunch
  • 10 x Milk Chocolate
  • 10 x Chocolate Sea Salt
  • + FREE limited feastables t-shirt
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SAVE $60.95


  • Loved it, gave me the energy to watch Beast video hours on end. Nom nom nom
    Jeremy M.
  • Unfortunately these bars will ruin you for all future chocolate purchases. Other bars don't compare. I have to throw away all other chocolate in my house. Buyer beware
    Benjamin B.
  • Best chocolate I’ve had tbh. It’s rich and melts in your mouth. I’m not a huge sweets person but I’d eat these all day if I wanted. (And let’s be honest, I probably will.)
    Hannah R.
  • Even if you don’t win a grand prize! You still get some good chocolate! So that’s a win in my book!
    Kyle C.
  • Why do these taste so good? I don't actually need an answer, just more bars.
    Andrew B.
  • The simplicity speaks volumes in this amazingly delectable bar! I've definitely found my new go to chocolate.
    Gwen M.
  • When i ate this i felt like i could do a backflip and snap a spy's neck
    Miguel C.
  • Crispy and REAL ingredients. Comes down to about $3 per bar which isn't too bad for quality ingredients PLUS many chances to win BIG!
    Joshua R.
  • Cocoa content is high as a kite! But that’s fly cuz I dig dark chocolate!
    Corey B.

Feast with the fam

like. win. lol. repeat.


Many brands rely on influencer marketing, creating stunts and gimmicks for advertising, but the distinction here is that the core of this brand is built around the very appeal that Donaldson has built over the last decade.


There's no denying the sweet success of MrBeast's chocolate bar company Feastables.


Even if you don't watch the YouTuber, you've probably heard MrBeast's name.


They have just four ingredients, are gluten free, and come in three flavors. Donaldson has Crohn's Disease, and the idea was to create a fun treat with a limited number of ingredients.